Is there any relief in sight?

There is a new chair at the helm, and things are looking good.  There will be in place a fully online applicant portal(, as opposed to going through regular mail, the bar counsel stated.  We’ve been working very hard on it, and hope that it inevitably becomes successful.  But, don’t ask this prominent divorce attorney, located in the Largo/Clearwater FL, area about his thoughts or perspective.  I think it’s going to be very useful for everybody.  It is stated that the increase in communication with the Bar Board of Governors in the recent past has been beneficial for the FBBE, and one of his goals is to continue that positive rapport during his term.  Over the last two years, the relationship has grown in leaps and bounds.  We have invited the president and president-elect of the Florida Bar to come to our meetings.  They have also graciously asked us to go to some of their meetings as well.  The board wants to continue efforts to visit law schools and, in communication with the deans, encourage law students to register with the board in their first year.  That is very important for a number of reasons, it was stated.  From a cost factor, the application costs much less when a student applies earlier as opposed to later on.  January 15th is the cutoff deadline.  We are trying to emphasize the importance of this more.  I think schools are finally starting to get the message.

It has also been added, that the board has reduced the time it takes for an applicant to make his or her way through the application process.  Even a well qualified Tampa Bay, FL child custody lawyer has to go through the same rigors, as once and originally developed.  He said the average amount of time in the past year for character and fitness investigations has been reduced by almost 16 days for applicants and 21 days for students.  He said the board reorganized the internal processing to lessen the time frame, but the FBBE still wants to communicate the importance of applying as first-year law students for those who want to serve as certified legal interns.  Please take a look here, for more information.