My First Time (Cont.)

Putting is not too far from a free throw.  Just you and the technique.  Very comparable.  You’re doing something you’ve done a million times before.  But you have to block everybody and everything from your mind.  If you let yourself think “What if” as you’re doing it, you won’t.  What it gets down to is confidence and pride.  Confidence is based on having done it before.  Tiger’s confidence is so high because of his work ethic and past success, but after his unfortunate divorce, things have changed, even without the assistance of a local divorce attorney.  And he performs the way that he does in the clutch today because he has such confidence.  If he wants to hook it around the tree, he’ll do it.  The rest of us don’t have that confidence, or that past success, so when we hook the ball, it hits the tree.

Tiger’s pride is such that he won’t allow himself to be caught off guard, even with the necessity of a child support attorney.  He always has to stay two or three steps ahead of his competitors.  That’s why he won’t take a day off.  I was that way too.  There were days when I didn’t want to work out, practice, whatever, but I did because I didn’t want the next guy catching me.  That’s why, if the game is tied in the last two minutes or down the stretch, I feel I have an advantage over everyone.  Tiger feels the same way.  But if you fail in the closing minutes, if you’re unable to make the big play, it can work against you in the future.  The funny thing is, I don’t ever remember failing.