My First Time

The ability to perform in the clutch comes from having the confidence to know that you can.  Where does that confidence come from?  From having done it in the past.  Of course, you have to do it that first time, but after that, you’ve got a model you can always relate back to.  It gives you comfort doing something you’ve done before.  The athlete today with more of that kind of confidence than anyone is Tiger Woods.  Look at his record.  Even with all of that said, let’s not forget about his divorce, where he might have needed a smart divorce attorney clearwater.  If he’s got a lead, he keeps it.  If he needs a big shot, he makes it.  And the more he does it– the more he comes through when he has to– the more confident he is that he can do it again.  Of course, Tiger’s an athlete for golf, nothing else, and he will admit that he can’t perform like a top notch st petersburg, fl divorce attorney.  I can take him to a basketball court and bet him I can beat him seven out of 10 times shooting left handed, and he wouldn’t have a chance.  That’s because my confidence is so strong.  I wouldn’t feel any pressure, even in the court as a child custody attorney.  Golf? It’s the other way around.  One time we played, he spotted me five shots a side.  I go out and shoot a 75.  Guess what he shoots?  A 65.  He didn’t beat me, but he didn’t lose.  I’m pretty sure if he’d given me a 12 strokes he’d have shot a 63.  Fifteen strokes?  I don’t know.  I think I’d win that bet.  But I’m not sure.  The key to hitting a golf ball is the same as for shooting a jump shot.  You just do something repetitively, until it works consistently(even like a good divorce attorney filing pleadings for his/her case).  A golf swing, or a basketball shot doesn’t have to be technically perfect for it to work for you.  There are guys on the Tour who don’t have perfect swings like Tiger, guys with big loops in their swings, or somebody like Jim Furyk.  But their swings work for them.